It all begins with visual inspiration.


At Tarttuva Design, we offer a wide selection of textile-based design items ranging from fabrics and patterns to our Nidaba collection of knitted lifestyle accessories.. Each design is based on ideas which combine visual inspiration with craft and the unique qualities of the materials we use. Come join us as we explore where textile meets design. 


Tarttuva Design is a design studio founded by Tiina Inel, a textile designer based in Helsinki, Finland. 

With eye for detail and an active interest in knitted techniques and craftsmanship, Tiina constantly experiments with different forms and materials. Her current portfolio of work exhibits a combination of  illustration, patterns, fabrics and lifestyle accessories with a wide range of materials and design techniques. In particular, the Nidaba collection of knitted accessories offer a unique line of design items sharing the same material, type of knit and character with bold yet sophisticated patterns and inviting colors. All of her products are made in Finland.